Marcy’s Story

Our co-founder Marcy has been obsessed with CBD (really, all non-psychoactive cannabinoids!) since her 30th birthday in 2017. She received a bottle of high quality tincture, and after ~2 days found herself feeling rather (unusually) optimistic and more focused. Around day 4, her spinal injury pain (preventing her from fully walking upright or for more than a few minutes) went from an 8/9 on the pain scale to a 3.

Once Marcy switched to the Equilibria farm’s regimen — an extremely high quality, potent strain of industrial hemp — she was able to get her pain down from a 3 to a 0.5, and move off of Zofran as her daily, unrelenting nausea disappeared. This was achieved with (2) 25mg Equilibria capsules per day, morning and evening. Now she takes 75mg total (3x daily) and managed to greatly reduce one of her biggest enemies: panic attacks. And as a bonus, she’s never slept better.

Fast forward, and Marcy is now off all pharmaceuticals related to pain, mood, inflammation, and nausea. She only has one emergency Rx she keeps on hand for something CBD cannot tackle.

For those with serious medical and/or mental health issues, Equilibria will support your needs for higher doses (like Marcy’s), very soon!