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A woman's guide to understanding CBD and cannabis science.

Skeptical about CBD? You should be. Here’s why all not CBD products are created equal.

Adults are more conscious than ever about what they put into (and onto) their bodies. From organic to gluten-free to vegan and clean labeling, the food industry embraced informative labeling years ago—with regulation from the FDA—in an effort to educate and sell consumers on the superiority of the ingredients in their products. So why should you be skeptical of products claiming to contain CBD?

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3 Essential CBD Cocktails (and a Mocktail) for the Dog Days of Summer

In the spirit (see what we did there?) of chilling both our mind and body, we asked local bartender Laura Lynch to come up with three easy-as-they-are-delicious cocktails (and one mocktail) for you to try at home.

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The Life-Changing Magic of Your Own CBD Specialist

Starting a new CBD regimen can be confusing at best and exhausting at worst. It’s hard to know what’s right for your specific health needs when results aren’t one-size-fits-all and there are so many options available. That’s why it’s so important to talk to a CBD specialist who is there for you. Personally.

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Why You Should Take CBD Every Day

If you have anxiety, sleep, or pain issues you’ve no doubt heard about CBD. It’s hard to miss these days. And found everywhere from the drugstore to the gym. Maybe you’ve sipped a cocktail with CBD oil, or someone offered you CBD cream to rub into your sore muscles after a run. And it probably worked when you needed it, almost immediately. But why would you use it every day?

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5 CBD Basics You NEED to Know

CBD. It’s all over the news. Your friends are talking about it. It’s taking over your social media feed. But how much do you actually know about CBD? And in an uncontrolled market how do you start knowing what’s best for you?

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