CBD Basics

CBD is a natural ingredient found within industrial hemp flowers that has been clinically proven to improve mental and physical well-being, when taken properly and consistently. CBD is completely safe and legal. It is a powerful health agent, but there are NO discernible impairment (no high!).

Check out our glossary to learn essential terms and concepts. We also have info on contraindications, dosing, and how to talk to your doctorComing soon: medical research organized by health concern.

Industrial hemp is a cannabis sativa plant grown specifically to exhibit 0.3% THC content or less — this is why there’s no discernible intoxicating effect, but also why it’s legal. Any industrial hemp plants that cross the 0.3% line in the sand become marijuana plants, federally illegal, and (after approximately the 10% THC mark) psychoactive/intoxicating.

With our industrial hemp-grown CBD, you get a huge portion of the clinically-observed benefit of medical cannabis plants, with none of the illegality or impairment. Equilibria’s CBD is farm-to-home, at the highest quality available in the US market (straight from our 1,100 acre farm in Colorado!). All of our products are lab-tested with results readily available.