Doctors + CBD: The Conversation

Most doctors are amazing, but some are not on your side regarding CBD. Talk to them anyway.

Doctors who know a lot about cannabis, CBD, etc. — from medical publications, not from propaganda — are generally in favor of its use. They are frustrated by the lack of overall breadth of available studies, but the volume changes every day.

Doctors who have been affected by (what we call “prohibition lite” or post-reefer madness) propaganda, or have not had time to catch up on cannabis and CBD, may turn up their nose. We don’t blame them, it’s a lot to wrap the head around. But don’t let them bully you into propaganda, as it genuinely does exist, and unfortunately (especially in medical marijuana communities) there have been reported incidences of doctors telling outright lies about cannabis products and/or cutting off someone’s supply to medication (ie. in a pain clinic, when they have not had time to titrate slowly to mediate withdrawal) without warning.

There are also doctors responsibly advising against cannabis/CBD. So, do your research and start your conversation early! Hear your doctor out!

Why should you talk to your doctor?

The homeostatic properties of CBD are to be taken seriously — cannabinoid products can potentially change your livelihood, allowing you to take control over mental or physical health concerns that affect your quality of life. While this sounds glorious, and for many it is, it’s still a significant change to your body!

In particular, we urge women on serious pharmaceuticals to talk to their doctors before starting a CBD regimen, due to the interactions of CBD and CYP450.

A quick tip to get knowledge on your medications and potential interaction with your CYP450 enzymes is to ask your doctor or pharmacist if you should avoid grapefruit with your medication(s); if YES, you know that you should use CBD carefully. Start a real conversation!

How should you talk to your doctor?

We are producing a worksheet you can bring to your doctor, but in the meantime we recommend starting with the following bulletpoints, and printing out our latest lab results (showing our product’s beautiful absence of pesticides, solvents, and so on! Our product is even more carefully grown and tested than many medical cannabis products!) to bring with you.

  1. Have you heard about CBD? How do you feel about it? I found a very high quality, medical-grade CBD product that I would like to try using for (insert concern/condition here).  [Give them the lab report!]
  2. Have any of your patients used CBD successfully? What about for (insert concern/condition here)? I am looking to accomplish (decrease in anxiety, decrease in pain, or other specific symptom).
  3. Do(es) my medication(s) involve the Cytochrome P450 (CYP450) for proper metabolization? I am told that if a medication is not to be taken around when a grapefruit is consumed, the same applies for CBD, as they both effect CYP450 in similar ways.
  4. (If you’ve already tried our CBD before talking to your doctor) Currently I am taking (X)mg of a high quality, medical-grade CBD product. I have experienced ____________, and I want to make sure you’re ok with me continuing to use this to improve my quality of life regarding my (condition/complaint).